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Houdini – Twill Action Pants


I don’t think I’ve ever described anything as being a bit penisy before, but thanks to quite a stiff zipper and a generously lengthy crotch, the Action Pants certainly do make you look like you’re ready for action. Flying the flag. Waving Houdini’s magic wand. A little bit too excited about life.
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Coleman – CPX Hybrid Lantern

photo 1

it’s only when you press the OTHER button on the top that you realise what the DoubleEdge’s party-piece is. Rising like an enthusiastic child who knows the answer to teacher’s question, up shoots a red… thing from the centre of the lantern. And like Arthur and the sword in the stone, you prise it out to reveal a handheld torch. Genius! Read more…

Therm-a-Rest – LuxuryLite Mesh Cot


Assembly, once finished, results in a lightweight and surprisingly rigid bed frame. There are a number of spare struts and rings supplied so you can fettle the bed to your own comfort – if you have big hips or shoulders, or find that a certain pole location is irritating. That’s neat.
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Airbac – AirTech Backpack (32L)


The amount of padding in the AirTech Backpack is insane. They’ve turned up the padding dials to 11 and it’s foam o’clock in the shoulderstraps. The bag oozes comfort from every pore. But it’s that enormous air bladder which is the party piece. Its over 4 inches deep at the bottom of the bag, and you kinda just want to put your laptop in the thing and drop it to watch it bounce around the room.
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Cyba-Lite – Vega lantern

photo 2

The Vega lantern is said to chuck out 300 lumen from its 3 LEDs, which in real-world terms is enough to light a tent or room bright enough to read by, but probably not to do open heart surgery. We’re currently renovating an old house, and the Vega has been used to navigate our way to and from the bathroom on those (frequent) evenings where the lights have stopped working.
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Sole – Loft women’s boots


When I first put these boots on I was surprised at how comfortable they were. The flannel-lined inside made them as comfy as putting on a pair of well-worn slippers. And with the inner-calf circumference measuring a generous 34.5cm, it made them even more wearable for those of us with a “not-so-slim” calf – I was even able to put them on over a pair of jeans, a bonus in my book.
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Securikey T-Reign – ProLink Smartphone Holster/Tether


What you get is a tough bumper case for your phone (iPhone 4 or 5 models available) which clips around it in two parts and holds together securely. In case you are ham-fisted, the case and holster are connected with a retractable tether. The cord tether is 3ft long and the idea is that you can’t become separated from your phone, and it’s unlikely to hit the ground if you drop it. Instead, it’ll hit you in the knee.
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Sub Zero – Factor 2 inner gloves


We’ve had a surprisingly mild winter this year, but I still find it a little chilly on the hands during those early morning dog-walks, and up on the hills. But I’m not keen on big bulky gloves unless the conditions […] Read more…

X-Bionic – Energizer MK2 Women’s Top


The only time I’ve over-heated in it was because I wasn’t sure how well it would work so I put fleece over top of it. And after bouts of intense exercise I didn’t turn into a shivering mess immediately afterwards so it seems to do the regulation thing quite well. Although it doesn’t make you feel warm and cosy like a thermal baselayer, it just stops you from feeling cold, which is a weird thing to describe.
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Mammut – Redburn Pro Approach Shoes


if you’re going walking over rough ground for a day or more, wear walking boots. If you’re climbing anything vaguely technical for anything longer than 20 minutes, wear rock shoes. If you’re doing a bit of either of the above, and / or general being on your feet in an urban environment you can do worse than the Mammut Reburn Pro. Read more…

Smartwool – Women’s PhD Run Shorts


The outer shorts that are traditional shorts are made of material so light it’s like wearing spider webs. The secret pants are so soft and gentle, you barely notice them. The seamless elasticated waist is very, very comfortable. So the overall effect is that you feel like you’re running in a thong. Read more…

Platypus – 1L Soft Bottle


It holds one litre, fills easily, will stand up on its base, and importantly, has strong seams. I’ve sat on it, dropped rucksacks onto it, even stood on it, and there’s not even a hint that it might burst. Them’s strong seams. Read more…

Mammut – Montana 2 Sleeping Bag


There’s a couple of really nice touches to the Montana 2 sleeping bag. The main zipper pull has a little message on it which says “Sleep Well” (the dog certainly did) and the water-resistant (read “splash proof”) carrying bag has a sort of mountaineering snakes and ladders game printed on it for when you’re stuck in a tent and the weather is against you. Clever. Read more…

Cicerone – Moveable Feasts


It takes some going over and will sit on your bedside table for ages and keep you thinking – but it’s well worth it, even if you get a few golden nuggets which will make your camping trip more comfy and tastier. A great gift for difficult ‘i do outdoors’ family members, as it will keep them happy for hours.
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Ohyo – Collapsible Drinking Bottle


The Wife is a particularly bad user of bottled water. We must have 10 perfectly good reusable bottles in our cupboard, but she still feels the need to purchase a litre of some posh french water whenever she drives anywhere. It drives me potty, so I am trying to stash the handy compressed Ohyo bottles shown above in her car as an aide-memoir to save the planet. Read more…

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